Dr. Brenna Roden

Dr. Roden graduated from Life University with honors. She not only enjoys seeing patients of all ages but has also had specialized training in children and pregnancies. She is originally from North Alabama, but she and her family have called Cartersville, GA home for the past 6 years.

Dr. Roden loves seeing patients of all walks of life, as well as has specialized training in caring for individuals with special needs. She gives the credit of her love and desire to help individuals of all abilities to her son, Eason. At 12 weeks pregnant with Eason, she and her husband found out that he would more than likely be born with Down Syndrome, which he was. At four months of age, Eason struggled with relentless constipation, and was unable to have a bowel movement without the use of laxatives and suppositories. Dr. Roden decided to take Eason in for a chiropractic adjustment, and before they had even left the office, his constipation issues were no more.

With Eason’s success, she turned her path from medical school, to chiropractic school, and began researching and learning of all the benefits chiropractic care could bring to individuals with special needs. These benefits include, but not limited to, improvement in: balance/coordination, cognition, GERD, ear infections, GI complaints, and posture.

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